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    Dr. Abdulrhman sallam

       The President

     Due to the wrong belief of society towards epilepsy, in which is explained as a Devil touch, making the epileptic patients seek help from traditional healers, which lead to a very disastrous results of wrong treatment making his/her condition more chronic and complicated.
      So, epilepsy education to the society is important to raise the awareness about epilepsy.
     In view of the above reasons and others, we are now have established the YAAE (Yemen Association Against Epilepsy), to work on:
Epilepsy education for medical& paramedical personnel, who may facing epileptic patient. 
Changing public wrong belief ( stigma ) about epilepsy.


     Clarify to the families in which one of their beloved is epileptic and to the society, how to care her/him. Then I would like to pass my highest appreciation to the families of epileptic patients who actually caring them and thanks to the scientific researches and progress which have provided us various options ,better management of epilepsy.
     I would like to say to them that today there is a much better treatment , a much better care that means managing epilepsy is in our hands as early as it's diagnosed 

     Together , by putting our hands, we can integrate the epileptic patients to the society to live their normal life, productive and happy.

Best regards

Professor/ Abdulrahman Sallam

President of YAAE

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